Colour management

Custom-made standard

At Puntes we base our work on a different way of doing things, a methodology that sets us apart: we know our customers and their needs.

We are committed to the challenge of making our customers responsive, proactive and predictive organisations. All our efforts are aimed at achieving an industrialised and standardised process to improve their productivity. 

Carrying out an initial audit allows us to analyse and diagnose their situation. With the results we will be able to evaluate and make decisions objectively, detecting weaknesses and enhancing your strengths. 

Through this previous phase we propose a series of measures to standardise your printed production, improve your profitability and optimise your resources.


Improving your printing stability will enable you to attain higher quality and greater customer satisfaction. Leaving colour to the human eye can lead to an undesirable result or set an objective which is not achievable. 

Colorcheck offers you the possibility to gain detailed knowledge of the variables which influence the printing and establish the parameters required to achieve the colour you are looking for. 

With a single measurement you can obtain the values of density, gain and colourimetry. A measurement to be compared with ISO profiles, a previous manufacturing order or the fingerprint of your machine. An application with which you can record your data in real time, and which allows you to make decisions during printing that do not pose a risk to your productivity.