Print carriers

Manufacturing flexo plates since 1968

A long history and the most advanced technology form the perfect combination to achieve the best printing results: saturated colours, even ink distribution, smooth vignettes, seamless transitions and good text definition.

Customised solutions for different packaging with the same goal: to achieve a stable result on the machine regardless of the printing, flexography, offset or gravure technique.

Custom cuts, laser code engraving or any other requirement of the printer: always with our customary attention to detail that makes us stand out from our competitors.

Furthermore, our automated tasks and workflows allow us to reduce the human factor in the engraving process. Traceability, safety and the necessary control for the standardisation of an industrial process.


We offer this service which, in addition to achieving endless printing, can provide many other advantages:
Rapid machine and assembly changes
Improved colour adjustment
Elimination of adhesive
Reduced machine downtime for plate cleaning
Increased product shelf life
Higher speed printing

Lamination sleeves

•Take advantage of our lamination service to achieve even better control and resistance.
Better control and resistance
Adhesive application sleeves for lamination
We work with materials which are resistant to solvent-free glues

Reel carriers

Carriers made by us; elastomer chocks that allow you to store and transport your reels comfortably and safely without any danger of damaging your material.

Gain efficiency without the need for further supports. The reel itself blocks the chock.

We work with different materials, including food grade materials