From chaos to efficiency
Packaging management

Packaging management is a complex and unattractive task: so many references, so little time and loads of people to coordinate to achieve a not entirely satisfactory result and, what’s more, with a tremendous amount of effort.

Packaging has long gone from being the protective packaging of our products to being an indispensable communication tool to showcase our company on the supermarket shelves. That is why it is vital not only to take care of the graphic design elements, but also all the legal information that we must provide correctly to the consumer, and all the technical issues that must be taken into account.

Sound familiar?

• Failure to meet deadlines
• Content errors
• Issues with printed material
• Outdated documents
• Time lost in research work
• Endless email communications
• Unnecessary additional costs
• Inconsistent graphic results

The Puntes Method

You can continue to insist on doing things as you always have or renew your process to optimise your resources. We assist you in this work by providing our experience and technical expertise.

1 Standardised process

We jointly develop a standardised process with which to define the necessary flexibility and security.

2 Manager

We assign you a manager in charge of coordinating all your internal departments and external suppliers.

3 Technical partner

One person on our team will be responsible for monitoring the consistency of your brand.

4 All the information in one place

We monitor the entire graphic chain by means of a single digital tool, where all the documentation is centralised and all the tasks to be performed are automated.


• Stricter control
• Savings in your management time
• Fluent communication between departments
• Evaluation KPIs to be able to implement continuous improvement processes
• Improve your corporate branding
• Optimise your packaging costs