Packaging design

From screen to shelves
diseño de envases

When it comes to consumer experience, packaging is the first contact. Not only is it a key tool to attract attention, to surprise, or to help us stand out from the competition, but it also manages to change our perception of the product itself.

Our main objective in designing a container, a label or even a box or display is to reinforce that link and trust between brand and consumer and the best way to do that is to build a design which is consistent with the brand identity present on the shelves.

When in Puntes we undertake a new graphic project we not only look for a good result on the screen but also bear in mind the industrial production and the result that we will finally obtain.

We develop it with you, by considering the great variety of presentations available and studying the most appropriate printing technique. The design must not only meet strategic criteria but also be viable and add value to our packaging when it is printed.

Thanks to our detailed technical knowledge we can provide solutions that reduce costs or have an ecofriendly design which will conform to new trends in packaging.