Puntes Online
Always in the cloud​

Do you need to reduce timings and monitor the documentation for your packaging? We offer you a web platform where you have everything related to your packaging in one place.

Packaging design turnover is constantly increasing. It is essential to respond quickly to the needs of the market and optimise your capacity without the need to increase your workforce. Masses of emails, communication errors, outdated files, different storage spaces, downtime… ¿Is this YOU?

With Puntes Online you can digitalise the graphic chain of your packaging to suit your needs. Thanks to our web manager you can develop workflows that guarantee more fluent and effective communication, both between internal users and with your suppliers.

The different modules are as follows:

  • Approval cycles
  • Automated tasks
  • Design review
  • File library
  • KPIs

Take a step forward and get better delivery times, more control and fewer costs in your packaging management.