Source solutions

To be successful with our packaging it will not be enough to have a good design, but it is also necessary to adapt it correctly for industrial production with a prepress proof that adds value to the process.

It can take months to come up with the creative objective of our packaging: photography, colour range, typography, etc. – a lot of time and different elements to combine and there is always the risk that later in the printing we may not get the result we expect. No matter where your design comes from, at Puntes we adapt it, enhance the image, prepare the vector images, the colour, etc., we make the prepress proof and comply with the most demanding levels of quality.


Our extensive experience and technical criteria set us apart and enable the flexo, rotogravure, offset or digital printer to produce reliably and cost-effectively.

We analyse the weaknesses and possible printing problems; we prepare a diagnosis of graphic feasibility, and solve any difficulties to achieve the most stable result. In addition to all this, prepress is also where we provide solutions that reduce our production costs, or proposals aimed at improving the sustainability of our packaging. Thanks to our production knowledge we are able to undertake this type of projects.

Colour testing

The most reliable way to predict the printed result is to be able to place the design, which we can visualise on the screen, in a colour test which is calibrated and adapted to the colour space of the printer.

Not all colour tests are valid. On many occasions the tests received have been assigned a generic profile such as Coated Fogra 39 (ISO 12647-2:2004), which validates it for any printer but without taking into account whether the packaging is to be printed in Offset or in other types of printing such as Flexography or Rotogravure.

The accuracy of our colour management systems provides a guarantee to avoid any unexpected surprises and evaluate the final print in the most precise way. Reliable colour tests on different surfaces: photographic paper, transparent material or other types of paper can be used in these colour tests to represent the closest resemblance to the final result. Do you need to handle a large volume of tests without putting your deadlines at risk?

We offer you the possibility to use our Remote Proof service: we issue the proof, and you will receive it directly in your office. We install a plotter in your company, set up the colour profiles and carry out the maintenance.

All with the reliability of Puntes.