3D Mock-ups
100% virtual, 100% real​

3D packaging designs are not only useful to provide a graphic preview that we can use in a digital medium such as a web or a presentation, but they also play a fundamental part in the launch of a new product, as they enable you to check things like slits, sealing areas, overlapping parts, text placement, etc., the best way to detect any possible error that could prevent us from achieving the packaging we want.

We can handle any type of format: cases, labels, flexible packaging, cardboard boxes, bottles, bags for sliced bread, paper bags, shrink film, and and give them different finishes and effects to achieve a result which is very close to reality.

Restyling or launching a new product requires a lot of effort and an investment in time that in many cases can take up a whole year of work. However, lead times to put a product on the market are increasingly tight these days and 3D packaging will help us reduce our timing in the validation process.

The request for physical models or samples not only slows down the process, but is more expensive and a less environmentally friendly solution. As time goes on, technology offers us more cost-effective and sustainable options.