Improve productivity in flexography

It is already a reality that print orders are smaller and with greater repetition. Added to this is the growing trend towards personalised packaging, with which brands want to reach the consumer more directly. These issues are making traditional production more complex, increasing job changeovers, and as a result, machines are idle more often than they are running.

For some time now, machinery manufacturers have been directing their technological efforts towards reducing changeover times. At Puntes we also see the need to work in this direction; for this reason and with the collaboration of other suppliers in the sector, Comexi (machinery manufacturer), Esko (colour management), Sun Chemical (inks), Apex (anilox) and Dupont (plates), we have participated in a technical seminar in which we have put into practice a system that will mark a path to be followed in the Flexography sector.

Extended gamut or also known as Fixed Palette: a fixed palette of inks with which different designs can be printed at the same time, improving changeover times, reducing wastage of material and ink and also achieving a higher quality print.

After a day in which several designs were printed, the data obtained were very positive: a 60% reduction in changeover time, a 50% reduction in waste and a 20% reduction in ink costs.

Do you want to see the pictures of this day? Click on the link to see the video. We hope you find it interesting.


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